Meaning Conference 2014

Make the connections; work the ideas; create the noise; see the change

Ok so this is a rather long title for a blog post.

Still inspired by #TEDxBucharest and Meaning Conference, I have been unsettled in my thoughts — but not in a “can’t make sense of it all” bad way. In a “we’re in the midst of something amazing here” way. What is next for me to do?

And yet I do feel a sense of frustration that some people still don’t hear it, see it or sense it.

So we have a responsibility. Those of us who do see it, hear it and sense it.

We have to become noisemakers. The only way we’re going to get noticed is to create something people have no choice but to listen to. They then have a choice about WHAT to do about it as they know why and they may even have heard how they can make the changes.

What changes? Better Work FFS.

There’s a ton of other societal and global issues out there; yet in order to make things change I’m focusing on one thing. Work. Making it better.

Now you can laugh all you like at more worthy causes but

So it’s work all out for me. And my game plan has been underway for a while and helpfully it chimes with others. Noisemakers are gathering. Connecting to each other. I can sense that.

My game plan (part 1) was to leave corporate life and set up my own thing to find a way to find a bigger purpose than a job. I had a job I loved but it consumed me and I broke it in the end anyway. I got a bit wild with it and had to move on.

Part 2 came sometime later — the realisation that a lonely solo practitioner life was not for me and I needed to have some people around who shared the ideology I had and I created a community. Not a company, a community. It took me a year to do this. The iPractice.

Part 3 was making sure the community was fuelled by the love of learning and sharing; could huddle up on work; would generate ideas and let pipe-dreams fly. This really took shape this year. We have gone from 11 to 67 and cover 4 continents. People have set up their own things; took on more work; shared with each other and plotted great things.

Part 4 is what’s happening now. Connecting to and with entrepreneurs, authors, academics, pioneering thinkers and great do-ers. That’s well underway too. The response from some of these people with thriving enterprises and loads of demands on their time has been overwhelmingly positive. They also don’t want to be alone — they also need collective support and an ideas sharing community. It proves that there are good guys on stage and in the headlines. People with heart, soul, spirit and they’re not letting their ego get the better of them. Quite the opposite.

Part 5 is you make the noise. That’s coming next year. It’s started this year but next year — 2015 — you will hear the shouts of alternative ways. Feel the rumble of changing models. And sense the soulful nature of positive upheaval.

So are you doing your bit to make the right noise?



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Perry Timms

CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017–2021 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan