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PTHR Principles 2021
  1. We’ll gather our Spiritual Investors and more of our friends with differences to a virtual event in Q2 of 2021. It will be called Difference and will be about the understanding of difference. Conversational, exploratory and enlightening.
  2. We’ll write our way into topical areas of consciousness and action through a gathering of HRZone and Living HR. We’ll create thoughtful pieces of commentary, agitation and aspiration through a regularised column. So thanks to Becky Norman at Sift Media and Keri, Amanda and Team Living HR for creating this opportunity.
  3. We’ll deepen and advance our liaisons with our partners. We’ll gather and explore more jointly crafted work propositions, solutions, products and ways of being that will help us all do ‘right’. Jessica Bailey — who has fervently dedicated her work this year at PTHR to this — will lead our charge and create that gathering into 2021’s yearbook.
  4. We’ll apply more of our sustainability principles into more Green New Deal-type agendas and forces for good. Led by Kirsten Buck, we’ll make more commitments to regenerative practices, actions and commitments to the planet, societies, communities, nature and people. We’ll hopefully apply this by being a certified B Corporation organisation. Our application is pending and we hope it’s a positive outcome. We aim to gather more of the B Corporation community to the cause of what’s good, right and needed in the world.
  5. We’ll share our principles and practices and give away some of our applied ways of being. Led by Catalina Contoloru, we’ve worked this year on perfecting our operating systems in self-managed, agile and accountable ways. We’ll therefore open up more to gatherings through Culture Tours — learning experiences by individual professionals interested in experiencing our way and being able to take things back to their work and colleagues.
  6. We’ll also gather our applied performance work in humanist, self-managed, agile ways of operating into Data and Performance services. Led by Clare Hems, we’ll show how projects, tasks and workloads can be tamed, optimised and unleashed to be more effective, efficient and human in how work gets done. Clare will also gather an offer to more virtual, supportive ways of providing assistance through Virtual Assistant services.
  7. We’ll gather all we’re learning in digital content and engaging communications through our Marketing as a Service led by Emily Woolgar. Smaller enterprises can rarely afford even the most micro-bureau support for good content, social presence, engaging visuals and media materials. We aim to put that right with more support offered to start-ups and micro-ventures like ours.
  8. We’ll gather our abilities to create social systems of working that are orchestrated by Catalina Contoloru so that we can continue to offer optimised advice to our clients through our own experiences, experiments and research into self-managed, agile and responsive systems of work. That are fair, inclusive and effective in handling accountable, collaborative and impactful ways of working.
  9. We’ll gather our Americas influence and presence through Crystal Castillo and spreading the word of our approaches to work through her presence on that continent and through our partnership with Living HR. By gathering more insight into what would help the Latin American business world in particular.
  10. We’ll gather some new faces to our team (TBC). We said goodbye to one of the team in November, but there are already plans to add some new experiences, thinking and kindred souls to our fold.
  11. We’ll gather some of our best-known minds/spirits from our network and create VIP (Very Interesting Person) Speaker slots at intervals in #TeamPTHR’s Tune-Up Tuesday’s. These short sessions have become part of our learning workouts. We already have our punctuated 4-Day Operating Week (4DOW) and we precede them with our Tune-Up Tuesday (TUT) gathering sessions. This year we’ll open up to some of the most interesting people we know to share their perspectives, experiences and insight with us (and in return, we’ll donate to a charity of their choice).
  12. We’ll gather our HR professional colleagues so we can create the force for good and build on any collective spirit, collaboration and realisation of what has happened during our enforced reset by the coronavirus pandemic. See my post here on the potential fellowship gathering approach — no one leading it, no agenda, just people together wanting to make a change and particularly through the lens of Human Resource, Organisation Development, Learning and People Professionals.
  • health & social care;
  • agriculture and food supply/retail;
  • delivery & logistics;
  • utilities and environmental services;
  • education;
  • warehousing;
  • justice;
  • local and central government; and of course
  • charitable and non-profit social enterprises that look after other people.



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Perry Timms

Perry Timms

CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017–2021 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan