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I love my professional field of practice and the work I do. I’m not alone in that but I’m also maligned and misunderstood about it.

I love the thought that Margaret Mead had it right.

I also love that I belong to, and am aware of, changemakers, communities and interest groups all over the world trying to make things better for themselves and others.


Things are still broken. Things are still damaging human beings, animals and the planet. Things are still dangerous, toxic and nasty.

And in work, many workplaces are horrid places to be tolerated because people need money, esteem or a place of sanctuary.

I want the experience of work to improve DRASTICALLY. And in doing so, help society heal rifts, divides and spirits.

As do so many people I know.


Those groups, like a flotilla of boats or people on quests, are not connected enough to REALLY effect change.

Yes, I love the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Yes, I love the Business Roundtable in the US’s 2019 declaration.

Yes, I love the RSA’s report on Good Work.

And I love all the communities and thoughtful people trying to make a difference through books, talks, ventures, not-for-profits, lobbying groups and so on.


They are the flotilla of boats or the people on quests that aren’t together.


What can we do?

Form a fellowship. As the GREAT Steve Browne @sbrownehr on twitter) posted here http://sbrownehr.com/the-fellowship/

Be the network of networks.

Bring all that is good into one HUGE movement for change.


Start here on Twitter @HR_Fellowship — I’ve already joined in as a follower of the fellowship and share what you think will create the fellowship on a quest for better work for all.



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