Perry Timms
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


I’m an Android/Chrome user on mobile/laptop. So I’m not ‘in’ with the latest craze on social connecting technologies Clubhouse.

I tried Mastodon, Ello. I’ve never bothered with Snap or Tik-Tok. I’m only occasionally on Instagram and Facebook. Even Twitter now, I’m occasional. More drawn in by others, rather than posting my way through the day.

They’re all good in their own right.

But check this out.

I’m not going to call out something I’ve never used because I am not positioned to do that.

I see people sharing about privacy hacks, notifications bombardment from Clubhouse, and people’s egos already running rampant in that platform.

I’m also hearing of others who are so valuing the new style of connection.

Just keep in mind that this could be a big bubble that bursts or lasts. No point in arguing over it.

I’m not even allowed in due to the nature of my chosen operating system so I really can’t comment on the viability and usefulness of the platform.

Enjoy it whilst it lasts. Not all fads are that though— some become lasting shifts in amazing and challenging ways.

Friends Reunited, MySpace, Google+. We’ve seen things like this before, we’ll be here again.

I prefer solutions to problems we have or to problems we never knew we had.

If we just bear that in mind, a fad might become a useful experiment to reveal a wonderful way to be, do and share. Or just a fad.



Perry Timms

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