• How governments disappoint yet continually govern.
  • How businesses and work ignites and douses the human soul.
  • How people show their extremes of togetherness and divisiveness.
  1. My love of vinyl. Sure digitised music is very convenient but acquiring and playing a slab of something 2m 30s long on a pressed piece of wax still holds the same magic as a minor art form. So thanks to my Dad for the gift of a new portable turntable, I’m back in the vinyl zone. Northern Soul collecting is back in the swing of that particular type.
  2. My love of connections. Being disconnected has taken its toll. Allowing some self-indulgent “doing naff all” time has been necessary to prove I’m just not built for that.
  3. My love of hope. That we are in still chaotic times of uncertainty and hype, of ridiculousness and cleverness, and that what lies ahead is still in our grasp to design, develop, deploy and do good with what we have, in any way we can.



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Perry Timms

Perry Timms

CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017–2021 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan