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  • Away from hatred, fascism, racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, technophobia (even) and divisive nationalism— and this means people and systems.
  • Towards inclusive, open-minded, compassionate, kind, caring, generous, dedicated, autonomous, creative, sharing and aspirational people and systems.
  • Positive about new, inventive, alternative, unorthodox, rule-bending (and breaking) things, smartly constructed theories based on science and artistic interpretation, pacy, exciting and pioneering thinking and doing.
  • Committed to fair, equitable, balancing systems and behaviours that help people become who they really are and do what they love, learn from and strive for in making a positive, fulfilling and flourishing life.
  • Determined about restorative action for our natural world, ecosystems of life, peaceful and prosperous ways of living in harmony with others and the planet that sustains all of that.
  • I’m also biased against the super-rich and biased toward a more socialist, distributive system of wealth and opportunity. And no, I’m not a champagne socialist. My bias toward this is probably because of my working-class, council-house upbringing which I’m proud of and didn’t escape from. I just found a way into knowledge work. I’ve no university degree, I have white male privilege (of course) but I’m not a product of parental privilege except my wonderful Mum and Dad wanted me to have the best chance in life despite being low on income/monetary resources.
  • And rather trivially, I have a bias against dirt. I don’t like gardening or anything I get dirty with (hence the knowledge work I guess) but have admiration for anyone (like my Dad) who digs up holes in the road to lay cables that bring power, sanitation, and communication, to my desk-based working world and comfortable home life.
  1. Reach out to the Number 1 Most Influential HR Practitioner: Sharon Benson. Which I’ve already done, and you know what, Sharon’s as up for this as I am. We’re going to join forces somehow. As the 2 Number 1s, we’re going to combine. In some or all of the following.
  2. Align the strategy and work of People and Transformational HR Ltd. with activities in support of what Sharon and I are calling HRMI Impact 23. What impact can come from this recognition for others in the HR Profession, businesses and organisations and the systems of HR, People & Culture into 2023? Already underway. The team and I are setting something up in August to revise our 2023 Strategy as an enterprise to align to things linked to this recognition. We also have new things coming out soon which fit this aspect perfectly in progressing the profession and the agenda of good work for all.
  3. Work with (if they’re up to it and I’m not holding them hostage with this intent) HR Magazine and Hult International Business School — who put on, validate and assemble this list — to support their 2023 vision for this list and help it be even more meaningful, impactful and useful for the profession and the world of work more widely.
  4. Survey, analyse, write, speak, put on events and maybe even a big conference, that Sharon and I can bring together whoever we can muster and of course, it’ll be something that links entirely to my bias to action. Not a fluff-and-guff, word confetti-fest. Action-oriented, useful, inspiring things people can do NOW to shape the future for the better.
  5. Work with Economists, Researchers and Analysts who can help us get on top of how we can value people more, remove inequalities, overcome unequal wealth and benefit distribution, improve wellness, and crack the code behind other disparities, all present in the creaking system we are currently in and using.
  6. Connect with and work with Politicians and Activists to bring together thinking that helps our planet, communities, people and businesses and see what we can do to fan the flames of a more prosperous way to live and work.



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Perry Timms

Perry Timms

CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017–2021 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan