Being transient has interested me more and more pre-and now mid-pandemic.

From Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Passing quickly into and out of existence. A brief stay or that most elegant of words a sojourn.

In a life sense, passing through a place with only that brief stay explains how we are transient through many phases of our lives. In and out of education, circles of friends, romantic intertwinements and of course, where we might live and work. Some of us are super transient, others much less so.

Even within (life but particularly) work, we are transient in teams, nature of work, place, projects and so…

I recall, fondly, an MTV series of concerts, albums and a concept of unplugged.

A range of performances with largely acoustic — i.e. no electrically stimulated — instruments of recorded songs. My favourite will always be Maxwell: MTV Unplugged not least for his amazing rendition of “This Woman’s Work” (originally by Kate Bush).

When we say unplugged we often think of being off the grid; disconnected from the web; recharging.

Such is the current thinking behind a 4-day working week — with an extra day unplugged from the work Matrix. …

Oh, there’s a lot of it out there.

Google search 2021 — meaning of guff. It’s also “An unpleasant smell <Scottish>”. Proving that more often than not, the Scots have it right.

In amongst amazing insight, ideas and interjections is a lot of guff.

I’m not casting judgemental aspersions on whether things are important to people or not. Honestly. But my word, there’s a guff machine out there of late.

Whether it’s the hybrid working option — and yes, remember, this is mainly the domain of office-based, knowledge workers. But this forty-odd percent of the workforce is still a sizeable chunk who’ve been in adapted, mid-pandemic working. It is though, often ignoring lots of people who have no choice in where they work. Be…

One of the most powerful aspects of being a cognitive animal is our imagination.

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

Da Vinci, Gaudi, Gorman, Christie, Edison, Mandela, Gandhi, the Bronte Sisters the list of those who have changed the world and shifted our perceptions through their imagination. Sure their actions were impactful and yet it started with their imagination. They imagined better, clearer, more compelling things through their work: Be that writing, inventions, designs, and political activism.

Now imagine your biggest dream, hope or aspiration.

Not the sort of dream that is a material gain (like a flash car, a beach-house, unbridled choice of lifestyle) but…

When did we get so wrapped up in ourselves or some form of hedonistic pursuit in life, that we lost the ability to be soulful?

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

And whilst this is a powerful word to me that I happen to love — and adore the sensation that it creates in my mind and spirit—the question that keeps popping up is:

Why aren’t we more bothered about being soulful?

OK, what do we MEAN by being soulful? We’ll get onto that but first a little story of how I discovered the word soulful could be used in the context of work.

One of…

Have you ever been so utterly absorbed in something that your attachment to the ‘thing’ you’re absorbed in, has a depth of feeling that you can’t explain? That your very spirit is gripped and is a willing captive of that mission?

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

We might overuse this word. To say you were absorbed in a book; an art gallery experience or a sporting event. A piece of music. …

Realism, pragmatism and the stark sensations of unfulfilled ways of being with work are everywhere fella. You're right to share this.

I will say though, and I might be exceptional in that I've taken matters into my hands and broken out of the grip of employ, but I am utterly absorbed, inspired and alive with my work.

The team that have come together around that are also of that ilk. Sure we've experienced a couple of misfires, but largely we're embodying how it can be.

So our work, is to make this possible in every piece of work we can…

Some time ago, The Future of Work was all the rage. I know because I was into it — big time.

Photo by Alan Scales on Unsplash

I would devour futurist blog posts, studies of amazing digital and mechanically advanced machinery, technological boundaries being pushed out to new frontiers in computational power. Transport, agriculture and biotech. I was gripped by it. And to a degree, I still am. Invention, pioneering creativity and imaginative sciences astound me. Vinci surgical robots, Strati electric cars, even Boston Dynamics somewhat creepy robot dogs and cyborgs.

So gripped by it all, and the impact on humans, human systems and leading enterprises…

At the risk of overloading the web-based universe with positivity today, I’m feeling #gratitude.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Gratitude for the roof over my head, the food in my cupboards and all the trappings of a modern, Western European life.

Gratitude for those who toil and labour in utilities, healthcare, emergency services, agriculture, science, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, media, professional services, and of course my professional clan HR, OD & Learning.

Gratitude for those I respect, regard and revere in the circle of comrades, connections and collaborators who wish and work for similar outcomes to my aspirations and desires.

Gratitude for the team of people…

The world’s a hard place to navigate and seems to be getting harder.

Photo by Chamika Dharmasena on Unsplash

A space like Twitter — that I once described as the best place I’ve never worked at — has become a place of grandstanding, virtue-signalling, toxicity, naivety, danger, over-marketing and more.

I find myself more and more withdrawn from posting there.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care about injustices. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the erasure of the dangerous fringes that have developed in people and the cults they are part of it.

I choose not to enter that fray, deliberately, as an act…

Perry Timms

CEO PTHR |2x TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR + The Energized Workplace | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017-2019 | Soulboy + Northampton Town fan

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